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Connecting the Dots to Sustainability    

Mariposa Eco Consulting integrates all aspects of an environmental management firm including air, water, solid waste, sustainable program management, energy, greenhouse gas reduction and measurement, hazardous waste and universal waste management, and resource conservation. We assist our clients with seeing the benefits of a sustainable earth; complying with and improving upon environmental laws, while generating profits and growth.

Mariposa Eco Consulting works with all aspects of businesses, local government and communitiesto design, develop, and implement sustainable programs that work. We take the time to understand the specific circumstances of our clients, including demographics, economics, and environmental factors, allowing our clients to realize profits and compliance.

Our work has included:


  • Corporate Sustainability Reports

  • All Levels of Waste Audits (Commercial, Residential, Multi-family and Industrial)

  • Outreach and Education

  • Representation with local and state agencies

  • Waste minimization

  • Waste prevention programs and market development

  • Compliance and Electronic Annual Reporting

  • Greenhouse Gas emission measurement and verification

  • Thank you for visiting Mariposa Eco Consulting for further assistance, please contact:



Cynthia Lozano Vant Hul

Offices in Los Angeles & the Inland Empire

Phone ~ (909) 560 0542 | Fax ~ (909) 912 8407


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