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Cynthia Lozano Vant Hul

Certified Woman-Owned Business

Resource Recovery & Recycling Consultant

Cynthia Vant Hul has spent 26 years in managing environmental issues within the  solid waste management industry. Her area of expertise is  in waste management, environmental protection, regulatory mandates, contract compliance, sustainable program development and correlating greenhouse gas emissions with waste productions in the municipal and private industry. Cynthia gained her solid waste production in the municipal and private industry. Cynthia gained her solid waste experience working for the city of Claremont, Solid Waste Department as a municipal trash hauler. During her 5 years at the at the City of Claremont, she served as the Recycling Specialist overseeing all sustainable and green programs, hazardous waste and universal waste management, department budget, grants, contract compliance, mandates and reporting. As the Recycling Compliance and Regulatory Manager for Waste Management, Cynthia spent 6 years managing the regulatory and program management for over 30 franchise city contracts .  In 2011, Cynthia opened Mariposa Eco Consulting, Inc with the vision in mind of sharing her knowledge and experience to help train and lead a generation of environmental leaders in private and public workplace.


  Cynthia holds a Masters of Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino. 



  • Chair / Executive Director, Southern California Waste Management Forum (Member Since 2000)
  •  Women In Solid Waste & Recycling- Southern California Chapter, Founding Boardmember (2019)  
  • Solid Waste Association of North America - Los Angeles Chapter (Member since 1999)
  • National Recycling Coalition (NRC) National Boardmember 2020
  • National Recycling Coalition, California Resource Recovery Association ( Member since  2004)
  • National Recycling Coalition,  K-12 Technical Council Executive Committee ( 2019-2022)  
  • Women's Environmental Council (Member since 2004)
  • California Works alliance Resource, Recycling and Recovery Management Industry Advisory Board ( 2010)
  • UCLA Extension, Advisory Committee Member (2007)
  • American Cancer Society, Community Leadership Council, Los Angeles Region (Since 2009)


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